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March 17th, 2005 by Admi

Its time once again for Eugenes annual Readin in the Rain program. This year were all encouraged to read Ursula Le Guins science fiction page-turner The Lathe of Heaven. There will be events going on throughout the month to encourage people to actually read the book and share their insights with neighbors and friends. Its a great idea that has worked in many other cities to bring people together. I like how Eugene has made the idea its own by choosing books that are written by local heroes: Ken Kesey the first year, Alan Siporin last year. Le Guin herself lives in Portland and shell be visiting later in February. Weve also customized this off-the-shelf community builder by making it something to do each year when its raining, although well never have a slogan better than last years: If its rainin it must be Siporin. (I know Ive got a good job when people give ME credit for that one!) Im gonna try to read this years book, but Im already thinking about next year. I think we should read a book that really does speak to us as a group, so next year Im suggesting What Color is Your Parachute. If we all succeed in finding ourselves, maybe well stop bumping so violently into one another. -dk

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