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474.4 skinny screed (both)

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

Is the economy rebounding? I know many many business owners and managers who find themselves terribly conflicted about that bit of prognostication. On one hand, we hope the economy is improving because we have seen the wreckage from the recession all around us, up close and personal. People out of work, others living in fear that the paycheck wont come before the foreclosure notice gut-wrenching stuff. But on the other hand, we know that a good economy will mollify voters and minimize the chances for regime change in November. (Even those who think the economic policies are good fear the erosion of civil liberties and/or environmental protections.) So, once we know what were hoping for in November, what do we hope for in the meantime? Do we root for the darkest before the dawn motif or the any little bit will help program? Its a real problem. Personally, I remain recklessly optimistic, hoping that times will get better ASAP, but that people will be wide-minded enough in November to consider more than their pocketbook when they pull a level or punch out a chad. Do you somebody whose mind could use some widening? Point them to this publication, every week. Thanks. -dk

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