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473.4 skinny screed – national

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

We seem to have traded one confusion for another. Shortly after we renamed our Eugene edition from Comic News to (for reasons chronicled occasionally here and available anytime at, we published Help Wanted ads in the local edition and in the daily paper. This looked like a resurgence of Americas only weekly all-humor magazine, which it was. It also looked like a buyout or some wholesale change at the top, which it wasnt. Here in Eugene, when Whats Happening took on investors almost a decade ago, they changed the name to Eugene Weekly and added new features, so its understandable that people made similar assumptions here. Taint so. Were still the same old folks, with some new faces to help out, replacing old faces who have moved on. Rob Clark and Megan Ralstin are new to the team. Were not quite ready to announce a new office manager, but we talked with dozens and dozens of people. Were negotiating with our favorite from almost 100 applicants, so watch this space. Interviewing so many people has reminded me again of how special is, how wonderful our readers are, and how lucky I am to be a part of it. Thanks. -dk

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