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471.4 skinny screed – Eugene

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

Its the darnedest thing. People walk past our store inside the 5th Street Public Market. They pick up the most current or a recent favorite issue and start talking about us to their friend. Right there in front of us. Granted, its unusual for a magazine to have a store at all, much less a prominent one inside such a great shopping mall. So I guess they figure that were some distant cousin to the publishing enterprise; like were flunkies or wannabes. But still. They pontificate about our magazine, oblivious that the foremost authorities on the subject are sitting right behind them. Remember when Woody Allen pulled Marshall McLuhan out from behind a planter in the movie theater? Yeah, like that. Twice in December I heard readers explain to others that we changed our name to to get more people to subscribe. Comic News is no longer free. Boo hoo! The sky is falling. But wait, Comic News is still available for $49 a year. They are different publications, you nitwit! One is free and supported by advertisers! The other offers double and different content (and no ads), and costs money! I didnt say this when they were walking by, but I wanted to. -dk

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