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471. 4 skinny screed – national

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

You may have heard that weve changed the name of our masthead local free edition of Comic News in Eugene to . We did this for a few reasons, all having to do with people who dont know what they dont know. Some local folks thought they knew what was inside our covers by its name; they thought it was news about comics. As a result, they never bothered to look inside. Worse for us (because we never lack for readers), there were advertisers who believed we were aiming for ten-year-old boys, which is probably how old they remember being the last time they read a comic book. Finally, we needed a way to differentiate the local free edition from the paid, national edition. Since they both had the same name, this wasnt always as easy as you would think. will be different from Comic News in other ways than just the name and the price. will watch for opportunities to be even more local for Eugene, and maybe sometimes less comic. How will this affect the national edition? For the time being, very little. But as we try new things in Eugene, we may add the best of them to this edition. Next winter, well see where each edition has ended up. -dk

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