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470. 4 skinny screed

March 17th, 2005 by Admi

Heres a new problem. This holiday season we had several instances of people calling or stopping by to give gift subscriptions to friends or loved ones, only to discover that the person who was to be the giftee had already come to us as a gifter. In some cases, they renewed their own subscription before the person who gave it to them the year before could get around to it. In other cases, family members have gotten in the habit of giving it back to the previous years gifter. I think we probably caught all the duplicates, but if you or someone you know is suddenly receiving two copies, it may be the result of our insidious success. Perhaps you have the opposite problem. (And here Im guessing.) Maybe you were hoping or assuming that somebody would be thoughtful enough to give you a subscription or extend yours during this holiday season. If that didnt happen, we suggest that you waste no time feeling sorry for yourself and that instead you buy yourself a subscription. Its fast, its easy and for a week or two more, its cheap or cheaper than usual anyway. Just ask for the No Whiner Special and well give you 50 issues for $44. -dk

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