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… divergence …

March 29th, 2007 by dk

Has anyone else noticed how severely the skill sets required for electioneering and governing have diverged? As the voting public gets more stupid (not ignorant — don’t get me started!), it favors the simple solutions that form the basis for electioneering. Unfortunately, the world is at the same time getting more complex, diverse, wiley. The nuance necessary for good governance — compromise, long-sightedness, pragmatism — is less desired but more required.

Fearmongering heightens the emotional need for clear and simple answers, hastening the effects of stupidity. Conservatives can get elected, but inevitably disappoint, because the promises that formed their campaign won’t work in the real world. Liberals don’t fare any better because their sexy soundbites also don’t add up to prudent policies. The only difference is they sometimes know ahead of time they’ll need to change course once they’re elected. So pragmatic liberals become hypocrites and stubborn conservatives get indicted. And voters get more disgusted. Trouble is, they keep getting what they asked for!

What to do when what you want isn’t what you want to want?

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