We May Need the Beast to Escape the PERS Hole

It’s deeper than anyone thought, because PERS retirees are being paid their defined benefits for longer than the actuaries estimated.

How We Look Shapes What We See

The boss won’t see the bugs or the birds or the straw — but he will see that one tree, standing alone in the tract he paid you to clear.

Downtown Solutions Disappoint; Here’s What Will Work

The report’s suggested solutions ... are wholly unoriginal — a paint-by-numbers picture of a bright and cheery downtown in Anyplace, USA.

Empathy, Not Information Will Solve Downtown Safety Issue

I learned under those stars what it meant to be a public servant, as opposed to an elected official. Everyone has their own unique calling that they need to follow. I found mine that night, 20 years

Nothing Revolutionary About Mob Mentality

Washington led the fight for a new country. Jefferson crafted a new form of government. But Madison, the youngest of the three, envisioned a new kind of society. His Bill of Rights has been our foundation for

Alarmed by Encroaching Precision

Nobody worried too much about bootleg cassette recordings, because they weren’t very good copies. And copies of copies were dreadful. The technology was self-limiting. But digital copies have no such limitations.

Climate Reparations May Bypass the President

If you and I own a cabin together and I trash the cabin during my visit, I’m responsible for all the repairs, even though I own only half the cabin. The legal framework is really that simple.

America Has a 72-Year Itch for Stongmen

Imprisoning citizens without trial, challenging judicial supremacy, Constitutional limits on executive power — America didn’t see these conditions again until after a new strong man won the presidency....

Egan Shows What Eugene is Made Of

There’s time to chat during most three-hour shifts, and almost no concern that anyone will finish their turn feeling overwhelmed or dispirited. Even if only for a few hours, you can feel the tide of homeless suffering

AAB – Availing Abundance

This year I will survey other tanks that I’m filling only they are nearly empty, and try to change my approach. I believe abundance is more available than my awareness tells me, and I’ve devised a way