Are You in the Path of Total Eclipse Hype?

The Aztecs may have taken an eclipse as a bad omen, but we can’t be anything but grateful for even a small modicum of normality or predictability in the world around us.

Who’s a Supremacist? Maybe You.

If your feet don’t hurt from marching, look for a bandwagon beneath them.

Will Trump Plead Not Guilty by Reason of Inanity?

Our legal system makes allowance for those who are culpable but not cogent. The insane get special protections. The inane may also.

Paid Parking Can Make People Feel Free

Eliminate every possible confusion with improved signage. Parking garages are elaborately ramped circles, so people naturally feel spun around.

Rickies Return, Older and, Well, Older

Whenever I hear about ‘micro-aggressions,’ I get confused. If they’re micro-anything, you shouldn’t be able to see them without special equipment. How hard can it be to get over anything that’s so small that it’s called micro?

Curiosity Could Grow With Gap Year Popularity

Spend an hour in the Safeway near campus on a Friday evening and you’ll see that giving students plenty of choices doesn’t necessarily give them the skill to choose between them. In fact, it’s often the reverse.

What Are You Doing After Work?

Work was no longer constant and unending, so the idea of not working became intoxicating. We embraced “after work” but now it threatens to strangle us.

Fandom Sets Eugene Apart

We don’t do sport differently than other towns. Each sport follows rules that standardize competition across locations. What Eugene does differently is fandom. Our reputation has grown in sports where our style of fandom can make a

Weeding Up Close

I’ve never been much of a gardener. I respect others who toil in the soil, but I’d rather dig through research books and plant ideas in people’s heads. I know the leverage in language better than a

Who Needs High Crimes? We Have Misdemeanors

“High crimes and misdemeanors.” It practically rolls off the tongue these days, as the talk intensifies about ending this chapter of our political history ahead of schedule. What did the president do or say or know and