Here’s to Our Horizontal Heroes

Willey’s restaurants regularly win awards from patrons and food critics, but don’t be distracted by the accolades — because its owner isn’t. She shows up for work every day.

Superman Never Had Sandy’s Sly Smile

Bozo’s Circus was televised live every weekday at noon on WGN-TV. Every kid in Chicagoland dreamed of someday being in the audience for this show.

How to Guarantee Eugene’s Town Square Success

The details of our needs change over time, so we must always return to the intent of the gift and the vision of its donors. If Eugene and Lane County have a central hub, it belongs on

Suffrage Lessons

Even when our best do their best, the ideal is seldom reached. Moral clarity benefits from hindsight. History reveals what few can discern. Humility should be longevity’s lesson to each of us.

Winning is More Complex Than We Knew

Amoral computers seem to be teaching humans how to prevail at any cost, by bending rules without breaking them.

Don’t Let Scooters Ruin Our Riverfront Paths

Our riverfront trails attract all comers. That makes them special. Bicycles, skateboards, baby strollers, wheelchairs and dogs — even horses — are welcome. Joggers, runners, and walkers pass at different speeds, cooperating to avoid collisions. Communication is

EWEB Riverfront Park Plan Answers What, But Not Why

Those who have not been trained in the discipline confuse design with decoration. Decoration is fundamentally additive. ... Design, on the other hand, reaches beauty not by exertion but discernment.

You Can’t Tell the President to Buzz Off

Presidential Alerts suddenly make the President’s Twitter feed seem quaint.

Unasked Questions for Judge Kavanaugh

Do you believe your outrage today against a secret pro-Clinton cabal comports well with the temperament required of a Supreme Court justice?

Lame Holiday Season Looms

As fall turns to winter this year, the stories about elected officials doing their work (or not) may ignore the holiday break. It could be so bad that families feel compelled to keep television news blaring throughout