Tax the Riches

It barely matters who they give their money to, so long as it doesn’t stay in their pocket. Economic dynamism is not that complicated.

Plastics Could Be The End of the Future

Now the collection is “streamlined” — which sounds good, unless you’re the stream for which it’s bound.

Rainy Day Funds Should Be Protected

Elected officials might think twice about balancing their budget by dipping into the “Political Cowardice Fund.”

Majority Rules is Not Enough

Politics is not like sport, or shouldn’t be. If winning is all that matters, then losers have nothing to do except wait for their turn to be winners.

Reflections at the Electoral Equinox

If Democrats want to storm the Capitol in 2018, we’ve already seen a storm they can use.

Envision a Party for Eugene’s Growth Boundary Decision

“Giving ground” to the other side can be in fact what’s necessary to release the interwoven tensions that trap both sides inside a controversy.

Sailing, Stillness and Scents

When you’re on a boat, you don’t have much, but it’s seldom not enough. When a need becomes known, sharing occurs quickly and naturally.

Let Us Gather and Worship Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was meeting a need we had never voiced, but he heard it nevertheless. He must have.

Mystery Around Conductor’s Firing Hurts Everyone

When how much we care outstrips how much we know, we find ways to match the two. Rumors and innuendo fill the gap. Conspiracy theories breed in the darkness of not knowing.

OSU Has Developed a Bluer Blue

Its purity somehow makes it both dark and bright. “It almost hurts to look at it,” observed Blake Day, his undergraduate student and a Willamette High School graduate. “Almost” is the operative word.